Skype For Mobile 
( Symbian Nokia Phones )

Here's what you'll get with Skype on your mobile
  Free Skype-to-Skype calls
Call your Skype contacts from your mobile, free from any WiFi zone. 
 Instant message (IM) and more
IM and group IM over Skype, plus share pictures and movies on some handsets. 
 Call phones abroad – and save
Call and text phones abroad with Skype Credit, or call on a subscription and save BIG time.

Proteus v7.8i 

Fully Activated Setup, no to need to activate or patch.
The Proteus Professional demonstration is intended for prospective customers who wish to evaluate our professional level products. It differs from Proteus Lite in that it does not allow you to save, print or design your own microcontroller based designs (you can however write your own software programs to run on the existing sample design suite for evaluation), but does include all features offered by the professional system including netlist based PCB design with auto-placement, auto-routing and graph based simulation.



  Hippo Text Editor
It is the best text editor i have ever used with builtin support for alot of programming languages like HTML, CSS, Java, C, C++, Visual C, Pearl, Pythone, Javascript, PhP and alot more